Read Why You Should Put God First in Your Daily life

God First

Are you wondering why you should put God first in your daily life? Do you want to give up because he hasn't returned your call all this time?

Putting God first in your daily life is not about how you connect with him during prayer or devotion, but about how you ask him for help and guidance before you go about your daily activities.

You are not alone; you should always believe that he has your back as long as you continue to call out to him. Whether you have the entire world or not, as a student, entrepreneur, or successful business person, you still need the presence of God in what you are doing.

God has sent down his books to you as a guide to help you navigate your daily life on Earth and study them to the best of your ability. He watches and gives you what you want as a human when the time comes, and even then, he says you shouldn't stop asking.

However, what are the reasons why you should put God first  in your daily life? 

For Protection

Putting God first in your daily life will keep you safe from evildoers. There are many testimonies all over the world of people who have come out of a dangerous situation that they thought would end up there, but they were now protected by him. Aside from what you can see, science believes that some metaphysical activities are taking place in the world that you are unaware of and cannot be protected from unless he alone protects you. 

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To Ensure Prosperity

As usual, every human being wishes to prosper in this world as well as after death, which most people do not believe in. To prosper in this world, you must work hard. You do not have to rely solely on God to help you; you must also struggle to make the right choices and do the right things at the right time. In this case, putting God first is critical because he is the one who created the world as well as you. He knows what you want and what you don't want, what will work in your favor and what will not work in your favor. So, if you are being denied a better opportunity to do something, it may not be the right time for you.

For Satisfaction

Your ego and desire to become more worldly can be uncontrollable at times. And, in this case, putting God first will relieve your mind and desire for such tempting things. The world is becoming more dangerous and unrealistic; everyone wants to be successful quickly, and this is due to societal pressure. So putting God first in your daily activities will make you content with what you have and will also keep your mind away from those tempting worldly things that are out of your control.

Putting God first in everything you do will cause you to embrace peace and see life's challenges as a gradual process that can end at any time.

So, are you still interested in incorporating God into your daily activities? Please leave a comment below.

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