6 Easy Steps To Self-Publishing A Book

Easy Steps to Self-Publishing a Book


We are all born with the ability to write, but not all of us can call ourselves writers. 

There are established books from various writers before the advent of the social Internet world, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and so on. These authors have no or little knowledge of the internet world, but their books are still widely distributed around the world. 

However, Google, Facebook, and many other inventories have made it easier for our books to reach our audience as quickly as possible and without much difficulty. 

So, the main purpose of this article is to explain the steps involved in publishing a book to you. And among these steps are the following:

  • Write your work down.
  • Check your work for errors. 
  • Make A Good Design For Your Book's Cover. 
  • Make It Into An Ebook Or Pdf. 
  • Publishing And Marketing Your Book. 


Write your work down.

We are all humans, and we have all experienced many things in life, which we would like to share with other people around the world by writing a book, for example. As most writers can attest, these ideas to write down are costly and can only be obtained from you. 

There are several types of applications through which we can write our work—among these applications include; 

  • Evernote
  • Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and so on.

However, before the introduction of these or any other type of application, writers primarily used typewriters. 

The first step in publishing a book is to write down your ideas, your work, and the topics you want others to read about in your book. It is also important to note that for a published book to be widely distributed around the world, the ideas must be unique, costly, and relevant to your target audience. 

Check your work for errors. 

book as well as the most difficult aspect of publishing a book is writing down your ideas—what you want the world to read about in your book, and this has been accomplished. Now is the time to edit your work, either by hiring an editor or by editing it yourself.

  • Hiring an editor: In this case, an editor will charge you for the service he or she provides. The fee that such an editor would charge is determined by the value of your work. However, some people may not have the financial means to pay for such editing work, which is the best I can recommend so far. 
  • Editing It Yourself: In most cases, some people do not have the money to pay someone to edit their work, so they do it themselves. Giving your work to family or friends to proofread is one way to accomplish this. Proofreading such work may point out some mistakes for you to edit that you were unaware of, and at the end of the day, if 5 people proofread your work, all of your editing may be redundant.

However, there are online tools available to help you edit your work, such as Grammarly and others. 

Make A Good Design For Your Book's Cover. 

You have completed the most important aspect of a book publication; all that remains are a few steps toward your goal. A book covers both chases and draws the attention of your audience. The attractiveness of your book determines how likely your audience is to read it. 

Hiring a good graphics designer may get this work done for you, but he or she may also charge you for the service rendered to you.

Convert it to an e-book or a PDF. 

This is the most basic aspect of book publication: converting your work into an e-book or PDF using tools like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and others. 

It is also important to note that in every type of book that is written down, there are procedures by which writers follow in converting their work to satisfy their audience. 

Publishing And Marketing Your Book. 

You've written down your ideas, edited them, designed a nice cover for your book, and converted it into an Ebook or PDF. If you do not publish and market your work after completing all of these steps, the process is not complete.

Publishing sites like Amazon Kindle can be extremely useful in situations like this. You publish your work as an ebook on Amazon Kindle, add your cover design created by your designer, include your price, and so on. It is important to note that you can set any price you want to sell your book for on Amazon Kindle, but the company takes 30% of all sales made from your book. 

I hope these steps help you get your book published, and if you have any problems, please leave a comment below.

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