Overcoming A Rough Week In College

Overcoming A Rough Week In College

Thinking about an exam, trying to prioritize the weeks, having lectures to catch up with, studying, thinking about things to eat over the week in college can be so frustrating right?

Yes! Some weeks in college are just frustrating and no matter how you plan to prioritize the week, it will be jeopardized. 

Days in college are so overwhelming, especially when you are preparing to write your semester examinations or tests, sleeping will be tough, even though you have the whole world to, your mind will still be on such examinations or tests.

It happens to me too. At times I do drug myself to sleep so I will be able to be better the next day and in one way there will be some shortcomings to come throughout the day and also all through the week. 

Trying to overcome such weeks became hard at some point in college, I felt like giving up on everything. The feelings of trying to do my best but not seeing good results, the feelings that everyone abandoned me.

However, in college at times you might feel abandoned by your friends out of frustration over the week and with all these how can you overcome a rough week?

Based on my experiences in college on overcoming such a terrific week, here are ways to overcome a rough week in college.

Understand The Process.

No matter how rough your week seems to be in college, no matter how much you think of giving up on college, always understand that it is all a process everyone passes through in life.

I’m not saying that it’s a must to have a rough week in college, but at times it just gets to us and no matter how hard we try avoiding it, and make it better, it gets worse and worse till the week is over.

Life in college or university is like a journey—a journey we can write and smile about how we travelled through such a terrific journey. 

Understanding the process that college is a life’s journey and not all journeys are interesting and enjoyable is the first step of winning over a rough week in college.

Think About The Week.

The rough week is finished, and obviously, it is Friday or Saturday and you have to get prepared for the upcoming week. However, no matter how rough or bad a week is said to be in college, there are still some positive and negative moments to enjoy through the week.

For instance, stressing yourself to study a course for an exam or test or probably wanting to know such a course is good as per se. Because, what you have learnt or studied has become part of you and will be yours forever, and that is a positive one.

But in a situation where what you are trying to study, and seems not to be understood by you at all means it is actually the negative side. 

That is why thinking about the rough, terrible weak matters in preparation for the upcoming week, to know where things go wrong and so on.

Thus, this will keep you focused and enlightened about your previous mistakes and experiences of the week and how you can avoid such things in the upcoming week.

Here are a few ways to help you think back through the week.

•Meditation: Meditation requires you to stay still and make your soul connect with your body and environment. It might seem weird meditating on your first day, but as time goes on you will get used to the process. For more understanding about meditating, you can find out HERE.

•Journaling: Journaling is the process of writing down what happened throughout the week. You can write it as a form of a story or any way you think of it. For more understanding of journaling too you can find out HERE too.

•Walking in Nature: I don’t know about others, but this has helped a lot, especially when I am down to the core. Walking around your surroundings, putting on your headphones or earbuds is a good way to think back through the week and clear your mind also. Though I know you do this too casually and if not I hope you try it.


You have understood that it is a process, you've also thought about the week, the things that have gone wrong, and how to fix it, and also know what to do in the upcoming week and so on. So now it’s time to prioritize and plan the upcoming week. 

Prioritizing your week is essential in college, if you don’t want to run through a rough week again.

To prioritize your week, here is something you can do.

•Get A Journal Or Diary: A great journal has all it takes to help you get organized for the upcoming week. Though, here are some of my best pickup journals from Amazon for college students. If needed, please help me by purchasing through the link HERE.

Finally, You don’t have to be worried about a rough week as I explained earlier. It's just a process that will pass through in a matter of time—your mental health matters a lot to me. Stay focused and don’t allow anything to pressure you into thinking of giving up on college, learn to smile and pass things off, YOU WILL BE GOOD.

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