Toughest Lessons Learnt By Men In Relationship With Women


Toughest Lessons Learnt By Men In Relationship With Women

Is there any lesson men Learnt in relationships with women?

Relationships are all about being committed to your partner, either man or woman you are entitled to be committed to your partner. However, relationships have ups and downs and there are some huge mistakes, made by men to women, which ends up regretting and they have learnt from such mistakes.

It's obvious that most men want the best out of their partners and in the process, they lose themselves and also their partner.

Below are some of the hardest lessons learnt by men in relationships with women.

Trying To Change Her Personality.

This is one of the mistakes done by most men, trying to change the personality of their woman. And in the process, they end up losing such women and also themselves.

Though, men had learnt that no matter what happens to them with their partner in a relationship they can't change their personality.

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Forcing Her To Love.

Sometimes the people you would expect to love you more won't be the true ones to love, but they would be committed to love you as well as they can. Many men don't know this and, either way, they would have to for their women to love them more.

How can this work by letting her love you naturally, by not forcing her to love you?

In this case, men have learnt that forcing women to love them can't bring them to love them truly.

Believing All Women Are Same.

Not all women are the same as you think. As a man, I know you might have met different types of women. 

Though naturally, believing all ladies are like the same thing it's the first mistake you have made as a man.

The reason for this is that human beings ( both men and women) are brought up differently, with different personalities and identities.

So, men have learnt that to identify or believe their woman as the same thing as other women, means they are devaluing their respect as a human being(that is being unique.)

Failure To Trust Her.

Some men fail to trust their women because of what they think or have heard about women in the world. Are you part of those men?

It's advisable to love your woman and trust her, even though you won't trust her 100% but making her believe you love and trust her is what every girl dreams for.

It won't be wrong not to show your woman an atom of love, this alone would make her think if she is doing the right thing.

However, man has learnt that to love your woman appropriately, so she can do the same thing to you.

Bringing The Past Into The Present.

Truly, most men are traumatized by their previous relationship, and they can't do without remembering the experiences in such a relationship.

It's normal, but they just have to believe that some things are meant to happen no matter how much we try to avoid such things.

Though, men have learnt that bringing past experiences into the present will do no good and scatter the present relationship.

In summary, there are more lessons learnt by men, who are in a relationship with women, though some might haven't still learnt some of these lessons and would still be making such mistakes in their relationship. 

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