How To Make Yourself Smile, In 5 Good Ways

How to smile

 Do you want to smile but find it hard? And even though you try your best, you still feel those lips aren’t moving the way they are supposed to?

That’s me! At the age of 6, smiling wasn’t something I’m proud of. My grandma, mom and other relations tried making me stop talking to them with a face that is unacceptable and unfriendly to the family.

Life is damn cool, do you know that? And smiling is something that shouldn’t be neglected. Though there are people who are naturally not good at smiling when needed except they are forced by loved ones.

Are you the type who doesn’t don’t like smiling at all and feels like it’s creepy to keep on that way? Here are ways you can make yourself smile even when you don’t feel like.

Think back to a funny moment of yours.

I remembered sometime when walking around a familiar road, either me and my friends or family there is these feeling of my pass memories coming to play back in the present—Though, they are not with me but I felt their presence. Or, hearing some familiar music that I love and couldn’t find it anymore on my phone or music playlist anymore.

At these moments in my life, when such things happen, I do rethink how lucky I am to experience such happy moments and vibes again. And with these a smile would be on my face even without forcing it.

Smiling is a gift to some and for others, they just have to learn how to smile. Thinking back at the positive or negative moments and relating it to the present situation you are in, and how to struggle over the moments, worth bringing a natural smile to your face.

Cracking up jokes.

For someone like me I don’t like jokes and I don’t like cracking jokes. It something hard to do. However, there are number of people who put lot of smile on others face and also theirs as the results of jokes they crack. 

Are you the type that crack jokes? Or are you just like me who can’t?

These set of people who have the abilities to crack jokes and out smile on other people face sometimes, they don’t seems to do such but that’s their natural gift. 

There is this friend of mine, no matter how hard I try pushing him away from me, no matter how hard I showed him how serious I am not to play along with his silly jokes, he still find ways to get over me.

This means, these set of people who crack jokes have their problems too, but uses jokes to get over it and be positive. Not everytime you have to be serious about things that don’t mean a lot in your mental health. Learn to crack jokes to make yourself to get over your worries by smiling.

Walk in nature.

Writing this part makes me smile, because nature heals the soul. Hearing the word nature sound good.

Where you are is made up of nature, where you are going is still part of nature, then nature is everywhere and everything we set our eyes on. There are beautiful places that brings joy to the heart. These places you will feel the spirit of happiness of being there while alive and healthy.

Looking at sun setting back in the clouds is part of nature, and isn’t it beautiful? 

I guess yes, we all are beautiful because we are also part of nature. 

Walk in nature, walk in your true self reminiscing about the things life has brought to you, things you don’t have that other have, things you have that others don’t have(such as good health, good sight to see the beautiful part of nature, legs to walk in nature and many more things.) 

Thinking about these things are joy bringing and don’t have to settle less for things you don’t have to seize you from smiling out pains and bringing in joy.


How thankful are you for? Though, I know things are hard and even at my end, things aren’t going well for me also but I still have to be grateful for life.

Earlier, I published an article “things you need to be grateful for in life”. In this article I explained the various aspect of life you have to be grateful for and why you need to. 

It’s easy to blame others, and even I do blame myself for my misfortune, but that don’t stop me from being grateful about the situation I found myself in.

Gratitude according to psychologist, brings joy, contentment, clarity, positivism and so on to the heart. It clears the heart against negativity about things you think would happen or is happening. 

You don’t have to push yourself hard, give gratitude, smile and move on. “YOU WILL BE FINE


The true inspiration comes within you. No matter how much person motivates or inspire you to smiles, if you aren’t inspired from within you wouldn’t.

Are you the type that finds inspiration as nothing?

Well it’s okay! Sometimes, you just have to fake it till it becomes something true. Why?

If you don’t fake it, there’s no way it can come true. So, by faking smile is actually good, because it would surely turn to a true smile when the true inspiration comes.

Finally, knowing how to smile is a great deal in life most don’t know, and he who knows truly has a natural gift, because no matter how hard the situation they found themselves, they will surely find a way to make all situational problems seems fine and okay.

How to smile

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