How To Make Friends In College, In 3 Simple Steps

How To Make Friends In College


Is it difficult for you to make friends in college, or are you afraid of making the wrong friends?

You don't have to, after all!

In my first year of college, I was terrified of making friends, especially the wrong kind of friends, even though making friends isn't my thing–I'm terrified to the core. But as time passes, I find it increasingly frustrating to be alone in college with no one to talk to and share college experiences with as a "good friend." Then I started looking for ways to meet new people and make new friends...

Who  Are Your Friends?

This question about who our true friends are has been asked in a variety of ways. Most of the time, people you call friends are simply people who accompany and stay with you.

Someone you can call a friend is someone who treats you like a family member and cares about your goals (because in college we all have the same common goal, which is to pass all examinations with good grades.) A person who understands the true meaning of friendship is also someone you can truly call your friend.

Types Of Friends in College.

You'll meet different types of friends in college, and your vibes with them will be vastly different. That is, the way you vibe with Mr A will be different from how you vibe with Mr B.

So, here are some examples of the types of friends we have in college:

  • Casual Friends

  • Mutual Friend

  • Study Friend

  • Friends That Serve As Family.

1. Casual Friends: Among the types of friends we have in college, these are the types who you will meet or usually meet on a casual basis. You either exchange greetings with each other, and if done, They will be nowhere to be found anymore, but once in a while.

2. Mutual Friends: These are friends you will not know but usually see around with your other friends. These types of friends can change from being mutual friends to casual friends and so on, depending on how well you vibe with them.

3. Study Friends: These are types of friends we study with, as the name implies "Study Friends". Study friends are the best type of friends you can have in college as a student–If you are determined to have a better grade at the end of your semester.

These friends will always be there with you academically, whenever you lack understanding in any academic aspect.

4. Friends That Serves As Family: Families are the only ones who we mostly put our trust in, so as these types of friends—They are the kind of friends you can trust your complaints at college without anything to think about and they are willing to help you at any cost, either financially and so on.

3 Simple Steps To Make Friends In College

Making friends in college is not difficult unless you choose not to make friends or make it difficult for yourself. College is the quickest and easiest place where we can make friends without even thinking about it. So here are three simple steps you can take to make friends in college:

1. Observe

Before making any move with your colleagues or anyone in college, you need to observe Most people are not friendly enough to be friends with you and in the long run you might be hurt depending on how you maintain your Friendship with them. 

2. Socialize

After observing or observing people, it is also important to socialize with them. By what means?

  • Through texting on social media Groups

  • Participating in college activities

  • Attending classes

  • Talking casually with everyone that comes your way

  • Don't always put on your earpiece, so you can hear what others have to say to you even if they too want to be your friend.

Socializing would make you realize who truly you are mostly free with and how you can go well with them throughout your college life and after your college life.

3. Joke Around

Sometimes, there's no other way to keep a Friendship group discussion going without jokes. Jokes are a tool that connects us with many people, people you may not even know at all.

It's normal to create jokes around people you are free with after you have socialized with them, know their internal and external personalities and many more things about them. Even though you don't know much about them, they will be shy to bring out those sides of them in front of you.

In conclusion, making friends is a joyful experience, but if you make friends with the wrong and bad people, your dream of having a wonderful college experience may be jeopardized. In doing so, you must make careful observations about the people with whom you intend to form friendships before engaging in friendship with them.

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