Things You Need To Know As A Freshman In College Or University


Freshman of the Year

As a freshman in college or university, you will be happier because you will have the opportunity to make new friends and learn more about your surroundings. However, at this point, everything taught would be an overview of what you wanted to study. 

If you want a good grade at the end of your college or university career, you must be more serious this year. 

Most students take their first year of college or university for granted and graduate with a pass, whereas others graduate with a good grade. 

So, as a first-year college or university student, here are some things you should be aware of.

1. You are no longer in secondary school and have entered tertiary education. 

2. Your reading habits will change because the topics you will be taught at college or university will be broader, requiring you to read more broadly. 

3. As a college or university student, you will have unlimited access to the world, so you must plan ahead of time to make the most of it. 

4. You don't have to wait until the exam is right around the corner to start studying. 

5. Learn to be your authentic self. You don't have to pretend to be someone else's lifestyle in college or university; everyone has their own goals.

6. Always remember why you are in college in the first place; your purpose will keep you focused on your goals. 

7. Have faith in yourself. Because you failed to believe in yourself, you will lose faith in your ability to succeed. 

8. Put God first in everything you do, followed by your studies. 

9. Your college life would be more interesting if you studied hard and prayed more. 

10. There would be a lot of fun in college or university, such as parties, outings, and so on. However, your reasons for being there should not be overlooked. 

11. You must understand that life in college or university can be frustrating and depressing at times, and you must remain strong.

12. During your first year, focus on grades. 

13. Learn to avoid anything unpleasant or that would tarnish your reputation at university or college. 

14. Having good grades in college or university will make your time there more interesting, so be prepared to put in the effort. 

15. Learn to expand your knowledge of research and study beyond what you have been taught. 

16. You will need to read widely in highly subjective disciplines such as sociology, psychology, and many others, but for calculations courses, learn to study at least one topic per day. 

17. Make a study schedule that includes at least six hours of study per day.

18. It makes no difference what others are doing when studying in college or university; your end goals will always speak for you. 

19. Learn to associate with your colleagues; this will give you and your colleagues a sense of belonging. 

20. Be aware of the types of friends you keep. This is critical because your grade will be determined by the influence of the friends you keep. 

21. It may be difficult for you, but try to limit your social media activities. 

As a first-year university or college student, I hope these tips are extremely beneficial.

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