Free Online Skills To Learn Before The Year Ends

Online skills


We are all human beings, and some of us are being blessed with special skills. Among those skills include drawing, fishing, writing and many more. Though the world evolved around the internet, and there are great skills we could learn through the Internet that will be a great source of side job income for us.

Someone might be worried about learning a skill but can't figure out which skill to proceed with It is common everywhere. So in this article, I will be identifying several skills you can venture your time to learn online.

1. Drawing.

Drawing might be the easiest skill to learn by most people and to some, it would take years before they can eventually be good at it.

Learning to draw is fun, especially when being scheduled daily. As a student of drawing you will have to be learning and practising every single day because there is this saying that says that "practice makes perfect."

As a self-learned drawing student, no one would pressure you if you aren't catching up in time unlike in our educational system, it all depends on how focus you are you digest this skill.

By the way, to learn drawing there are great sites like YouTube, Skillshare, and many more online free classes. No class is boring, all classes deliver well, but they all depend on how consistent you are. 

2. Graphics Design.

Graphics designing is one of the most prominent skills learn by youth in our today's world. This skill has been the side hustle of many youths and it has also been a source of income for them, depending on how good they are in the skill.

Most people don't want to learn graphics design because they don't have a good laptop to commence. But in the world, new things are coming every day, some of the things that might seem hard to learn are now learnt easily with just our smartphones. Like I said earlier self-learning demands consistency and determination.

Before involving yourself in learning any skills online, try setting your own ends goals, because those goals are set by you and nobody else would keep you focus till you are done with learning such skills. For instance, You want to learn graphic design because at the earn Of the day you will secure a job to earn from it.

Mobile applications such as Pixellab, Picsart, Ps Touch(though it is not more on the play store, you can contact me for it) can be of great use to learn graphics design.

3. Learning Languages.

Are you the type that's good at learning languages? This would be a great way for you to venture into such a skill. 

Translations and teaching others about the language learnt has being a side hustle for most youth. Some learn these languages just because they love the language, for instance, Korean(hangul), Korean language has been learnt by various Korean idols fans, such as BTS, and also those who love watching Korean movies. These people learn such language out of love and at the same time venture it to make money online if they want to.

Learning a language might be a little bit hard, but nothing comes easy as being said by many scholars in the world. 

4. Video Editing And Making.

I know you will be thinking, do one still have to learn to make and edit videos as a skill? Well to me YES and a BIG YES. 

Most companies now are hiring youths that can edit and make videos. There are young youths at the age of 20 making thousands of dollars from YouTube, just because of these skills.

Skills like this would make you a fortune, even at the fact it might be your side job, but to others, it's not. Videos editing are taking over the internet world and in the next centuries to come creators with the skill would have something to say.

To learn these skills there are apps to use, cameras to buy and many more.

5. Creative Writing

We are all creative on our own, but it's obvious that some are more creative than us. 

This skill is also dominating the social media world. How well can you keep your audience entertained with your creative skills? These all need to be learn, but some are naturally born with such skills.

Creative Writing all depends on the individual ability to think out of the box, his or her ability to stay unique that makes them creative….

Creating and bringing ideas from existing things or things that excites you. These ideas brought by these writers can't be found anywhere else, that's what makes them unique and creative.

To sum it up, those skills mentioned are all skills you can learn from your mobile phone and also make good money with your money phone. Learn one of those skills and have your own space online to earn money from.

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