Finding Happiness In What You Do

 Finding happiness

What are you doing now, are you happy with it? Where you are now, are you happy being there? Are you happy as you are reading this article?

I used not to be happy in most things, especially doing some chores and errands at my workplace, and also in my writings. But as time went on, I started finding true happiness in the things I do even though I don't like them.

These things are bound to be done and no matter what I must do them whether I like it or not. But how can you find happiness in doing things you don't like?

Step 1: Ways Of Thinking.

You have to change your ways of thinking while doing the task at hand. You don't have to think about the negative aspect of the task, but the positive part. Thinking about the negative part would leave you unable to find the true purpose of what you are doing.

It all begins with the mind. Your mind determines everything for what you are thinking. For instance, a plumber is not happy doing his work, because he thought they wouldn't pay him well. So he will just have to leave it halfway".

It's all the same thing, either you do your job well or not, people don't care, all they care is that you do a perfect job for them. They don't care if you are happy or not, what they want is for you to get the things done—And it's left for you to figure out whether to be happy or not.

How can you think about what you're doing?

Finding happiness from what you're thinking about. Here is how you can change your thinking about what you're doing:

  1. Love it: You will have to love what you're doing. Even though you dó not want to love what you do, you have to  learn to develop it. But how can you start developing love for these things? You can start by changing your negative thinking towards it to positive. For instance: Whenever you are told to do something, learn to drive the positive aspect of that thing out and use it to your own advantage.

  2. What if: What if you didn't find yourself in such a situation what would you do? What if you are not given that same job and it's given to another person, will you still be happy?

Clear your mind, think possibilities of the situation you found yourself in, think yourself out, by telling yourself I love what I'm doing.

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Step 2: Embrace It.

You have changed your negative thinking into a positive one. Will you still like to ignore what you are doing? Will you still want to be unhappy throughout it?

You have to embrace what you're doing with a clear mind and understanding that things are bound to be so. You have to embrace it with positive thinking. 

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Step 3: Humanitarian

Being concerned about other people who are willing to be in your position doing what you're doing. Where you are now, there are millions of people worldwide who wished to be in that same position as yours.

I know you aren't happy being there for one reason or the other, but you have to create a reason for yourself, that's what defines you as a human. Create a reason why you need to do the things you are doing and I bet you will find happiness in what you are doing.

Final Thought.

You have to declare yourself to be happy, because that what you suppose to be feeling every single minute and hour.

You own no one explanation of what you are thinking or not, it all depends on you and not everyone cares as I said earlier. You just have to find happiness in what you are doing, either you are a college student and not happy with the course of study or you are a worker and not happy with your job.

Finding happiness, all depends on what you are thinking and how you think about such things. Stay focused and stay blessed, you will be happy.

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