How To Find Beauty In life

Beauty In life

For the past few weeks, life has been ugly for me. To chase a good life, make money, take good care of my family, help the needy, sleep and wake up for the same routine. Is that what we call life?

There are thousands of people in the world who don't know what life is and that saddens me, and yet these same people still try to find the most beautiful aspects of life. This makes me remember an event that took place when going to work.

There is this young kid, hungry, walking and carrying what she was selling towards me, though I don't know what truly inspired her to come to me—since I didn't call her to patronize her business. And she said, "Sir, please me and my mom have not eaten anything since YESTERDAY, and she hasn't sold anything throughout the day." This leaves me down watching a young kid struggling for her Mom and family.

What I'm trying to say is that in life no matter the situation you find yourself in, no matter what you are doing there's beauty in it. The young kid finds beauty and happiness to be able to help her family. And I also find the same thing as I'm able to help her with what I got.

So how can you also find beauty in life?

  1. Be True In What You Do

Sometimes we do something because we don't have a choice or are forced to do it. For instance, gaining knowledge or being educated is not all about going to college or university. You can be educated by the experiences you gain in life.

Before the advent of formal schooling, humans still gained knowledge regardless, and they are content with life as a whole. But today, society has made us believe that the only valuable education and knowledge we can gain in life is through schooling. Which should only be an option.

However, you cannot be false in yourself about life, about the things you are doing, about your present actions and expect to experience and find the beauty of life, because the real beauty of life begins within you.

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  1. Living Positive

Living positively brings positive things to you. 

To find beauty in life, you have to live positively all through your life. Negative feelings and thinking should be cast away from you, and also be thankful for life. However, there are various reasons why you need to be thankful which I explained in my previous article "Things you need to be thankful for in life".

Living a positive lifestyle, casting away negative thoughts, moments and vibes is not easy as being said. It requires consistency to be able to, because the world itself is filled up with negativity.

Though, to find the beauty of life, you have to live a positive lifestyle, no matter how your situation is said to be because positive thoughts bring positive things to an individual.

Beauty In life

  1. Feeling The Presence Of Life 

You are alive and breathing. Isn't that part of life? Isn't it beautiful? 

Most people are annoyed and disheartened about how life has treated them, and all they just want to do is to stop being alive and stop breathing. We all have these moments. 

I always believe that life is a journey and also a process that I need to pass through and how I pass through such a process all depends on me. Sometimes, it will be hard, hard to the extent of giving up and blaming me for such things, and I will still be happy to experience some aspect of life.

So you see, when we face hardship or a bad situation it's only a matter of time before we recover from such situations, you have to make your mind filled with positive things about life if you are truly looking forward to finding the beauty of life.

Like I said earlier, the beauty of life all begins within you, and feeling your presence in life is also a process.

  1. Exploring

Are you among the ones that thought that exploring the world involves travelling all over the world?

Maybe yes or no. But I also used to think that way. I have always wanted to explore the world, see what nature looks like, meet new people and forget that all these things can be done around me. 

Nature is everywhere, your house is part of nature, your neighbourhood is part of nature and also some people are new to your environment you don't know about. To explore the world, you can start by appreciating your environment, and open your mind to it.

However, to see the beauty of nature all depends on you. No matter how high you travel, no matter where you are, if you do not open your mind and soul towards it, you will never see the beauty of it. Why?

Because only your mind can reveal what true beauty is. So, to explore the world is not about travelling all over the world but also be open-minded to your environment if truly you want to see the beauty of life.

  1. Meet People

The world is filled with people both good and bad. It is not all about meeting people, but having a positive experience with these people you have met. Some people make the best part of our lives miserable, while some make it unique and great. Such kinds of people are rare to find.

I get to understand that people are part of nature, is that true? And if so why don't we make friends anymore with people? Is it that there is no one who we can truly believe in? Or is it that we are hurt in the past and afraid of the same thing happening again?

A friend of mine told me, she likes being isolated, because she hates being a friend to others and her worst fear is being hurt by those who she called friends because she has experienced such in the past.

But in some aspects of life, you still need to connect with people and know what it feels like to be human.

Parting Words

Everything about your life is beautiful. Any situation you find yourself in, you are in it for a reason, and knowing that reason is all left for you to find out. You just have to be your true self, live a positive life, feel the presence of being alive, explore and meet people, “you will surely find the true beauty of life behind all these things.”

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