Check Out Things Money Can’t Buy


Check Out Things Money Can’t Buy

Do you think that having money is the same as having the whole world?

Yes, I also used to think so, though my thinking is limited. Sometimes I think what’s life without having money and What’s money without having a life?

This leaves me curious that, If there is money without life, so what’s is life without money, isn’t that cr*zy? However, there are things I in this life money can’t buy and among those things include


A person soul is what keeps him alive. If money can buy a soul, there will be no doubt that everyone who has money left on earth would die.


There’s this argument that money can buy happiness. Though money can make someone occasionally happy but can’t buy happiness.

To be happy comes from the person who truly deserves to be happy. Having money doesn’t guarantee you to be happy with it but it brings happiness.

This means that money brings happiness and joy if used properly but can’t buy it.


The old says “Water is life”.

Yeah! Water is life without water most things would be alive to keep us sustained. Though many believed that money buys water, that’s not true. Why?

That’s because the water we all know is a natural substance and can’t be bought, but human beings capitalize on it and sell it to the less privileged who don’t have such natural gifts with them.

Standard Relationship

It saddens me that most relationship bonds depend on money, and without that, it would stop.

Money as being known can’t buy a standard relationship but it can bring you the relationship you deserve—With or without money, people are making the best out of their relationships.

So, can we say that money can buy standard relationships?


Money can be used to force the truth out when spent properly.

A lot is happening in the world as of recently and people are looking for the truth but yet they are denied it. 

However, if money can buy truth many people would stop looking for means to know the truth about some of the mysteries in their lives. 

Good life.

There’s this argument that money can buy you a good life. 

Well, I don’t think money can buy you a good life but it can bring us a good life. Living a good life is all about being true to yourself and nothing more.

There are lots of people who have money, but don’t have a good life—As has been said, if truly money can buy a good life, why don’t those people buy it?


We all know what nature is. Nature is a gift we meet in this world and will also leave in this world.

For centuries, nature has been existing, we can’t deny that nature can’t be bought but be felt.

Check Out Things Money Can’t Buy

In conclusion, we all confuse things money can bring or give us with actually things money can buy, which is not supposed to be so.

However, we all want money in our lives to make the best lifestyle. We shouldn’t make our quest of making money deprived us of things we are supposed to naturally enjoy, such as life, nature, the truth, and many more.

Some may want to say, without money, you are nobody, my belief in this is that many make themselves nobody because they believe they don’t have money and there’s no use to enjoy the free things nature has given to them. Though, some do have money but can’t and yet they are somebody.

All I’m just trying to say is that, make the best of money but remember no matter the amount of money made in this world by you, there are certain limitations you can’t use such money to buy.

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