How To Get Over Being Kicked Out Of A Friendship Group

How to Get Over Being Kicked Out of a Friendship Group
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Life is full of surprises, and the more you understand about them, the better off you will be. Sometimes, the great people in your life will do the unthinkable and stop talking to you when you least expect it, and when questioned, they will offer you ridiculous excuses. 

At some point in life, you must recognize that it is not just the number of friends you have in this world that matters, but also how well you get along with your friends. Are there any positive recollections of your relationship? 

As you get older, you will observe that the world changed in the same way that others around you do. In certain situations, you may also discover that you and some of your pals aren't getting along.

So, how do you cope when this happens and you are kicked out of your friend's group?

1. Recognize that it is a part of life. 

Everyone in this world is born differently and grows up differently, and, even if you and your friends grow up in the same place, it does not guarantee how long your friendships will last. 

Life is like a pot of food from which everyone chooses the best thing they can eat and then leaves. As is the case with some friendships, You don't expect everyone to eat from the same food pot and be satisfied; even if they did, it would be difficult for them. 

Understand that leaving a friend group does not mean the end of your life, but rather a new beginning in which you can start a new life with new people and learn new things.

2. Don't be too concerned. 

It's insane that people who know about you and most of your secrets aren't together with you and your friends anymore, and it makes you want to worry about them too. 

Don't be too concerned about what they might say about you to others. You are unique in your way of life, and no one else can be like you. Continue to be unique to who everyone knows you as, and the best of friends will notice and come to you.

3. Don't Look Down At Yourself.

Many individuals look down at themselves after getting kicked out of a friend's group or some sort of thing and say they have found someone better than them.

Looking down at yourself will only complicate matters and prevent you from moving on from your pains if you continue to blame yourself for things that are not your fault.

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4. It Better Than Being Fooled

At times, they won't tell you that they don't want to be friends with you anymore, and by that, they will keep fooling you around.

We all know how much the truth hurts us. The better off you start enjoying yourself being alone, and more yourself.

Many want to be friends with you. Forget that, they might be afraid to come closer to you. Some might not know you, but you truly know what you want and how to get them.

5. Always be kind to yourself. 

My Grandma always said that she doesn't have a specific friend, but that everyone around her is her friend. She isn't concerned with those who abandoned her; she is concerned with those who remain and accept her for who she is. 

She always explains why she should love herself more by doing things she enjoys and less about things that concern her in the world. Monks are another good example. They don't look for happiness outside of themselves; instead, they find it within themselves. 

What I mean is that you should learn to love yourself by doing things you enjoy and that make you happy. 

I hope you find these five excellent points about how to recover from being kicked out of a friend's group useful.

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