What Can You Do, When You Can't Study?



Your other colleagues are studying and preparing for the upcoming exam week, test, and so on. But you can not bring yourself down on the table to study.

Well! It does happen to everyone, especially when there's a lot to be done within the week and you are just lost in the middle of such tasks.

At some point in college, I find it hard to understand what I am reading despite me bringing myself to study. I still can't study, WHY? I asked myself countlessly. Thus, I find out the cause of my problem, and why I can't study.

So here are the following things I do whenever I can't bring myself down to study.

Understand that you are procrastinating

Every student procrastinates, and it's something you are not supposed to be shy of. This is one of the reasons most students can't study or can't focus on studying, because they are procrastinating and don't want to accept and understand who they are.

Getting rid of procrastination is a task on its own that can not be done except you understand and must have acknowledged with you that you are procrastinating. 

Seek for motivation

There is motivation everywhere in the world, either in your room, class and so on. It's not a must for you to watch motivation videos before you can be motivated. Encourage yourself through the nature and reality of the situation and things around you.

Look at the bright future of yours when you passed

Everybody wants to pass so they can be the best among others. It depends on what you are doing now, which would also determine if you would be among the best when you graduate or pass out from your school.

It's not going to be easy but looking beyond what you gonna do and start doing what you are supposed to be doing now, which is studying.

Get out of your comfort zone

Standing off from that point with your phone to your studying deck is a step forward to succeed in your studies. I am gonna tell you, this is the hardest part for me but I still find my way out of the mess. Your comfort zone would make everything easier for you and would also make you lazy, and when you are going to realize the damage it has done to you it would be late.

Make friends and seek advice

The kinds of friends you keep at college can also determine your grades, the type of advice you seek and the type of friends you seek such academic advice from can also determine your grades.

Learn to keep the best of friends, the ones who can advise you from doing bad, the ones who can make you study.


If you don't sleep there is no way you are going to be focused whenever you feel like studying. According to psychologists, they reported that the best student has nothing less than 6 to 7 hours of sleep to be effective.

So in conclusion, watch the friends you keep and seek advice from, always sleep at least 6 hours per night, seek motivation from nature, also learn to get off your comfort zone, and also learn to understand whenever you are procrastinating so you can get off it.

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