Signs To Know If Your Boyfriend Is Faithful

Signs he is faithful

Who is a boyfriend?

Many have been confused about the definition/meaning of a boyfriend. According to the Oxford dictionary, they explained a boyfriend is a man or boy who is in a romantic, sexual or non-marital relationship with someone. Anyone who is a male and he is in a romantic or sexual relationship that's not marital is said to be a boyfriend. But, how can you know if your boyfriend is faithful?

Yeah! Love is cool and beautiful, it's the most important and interesting thing that can ever happen to you, except if you are with a faithful boyfriend.

There are a lot of comments from girls saying that they don't know if their boyfriend is faithful, either by their actions or way of life. Some can even go to the aspect of setting up their boyfriend with a friend to test if he is truly faithful and in the end, they lose him in the process.

Without stressing oneself to prove if your boyfriend is truly faithful, here are ways to know a faithful boyfriend.


Whenever he's with you he is truthful to his words and talks his mind when needed and not. He who is a liar will always be a liar and can't be faithful. And sometimes circumstances differ, why?

Because they lied to keep you, but it's still the same, the truth is bitter to hear and he who loves you would always want to tell you the truth whether you like it or not, he will always be there to correct and tell you the truth.

So the first way to know a faithful boyfriend is truthfulness, him saying the truth always.

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Boys are also the jealous type but they failed to keep malies with each other especially with who they are in love with. 

There were times when a woman or let me say a young lad came to me saying, "I have offended my boyfriend in different ways and am afraid he might not forgive me." Let's get this right when we go wrong or commit a mistake, humans don't have the right to judge but we can correct it.

Your boyfriend is your responsibility and you are also his responsibility to learn to forgive each other for a lasting relationship.


Ohh! Some might always tease you, but trust me not all who teased you love you. 

Without teasing relationships will always be boring, that's why it's been known by those who decide to deceive that they love you to tease a lot.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying all who are teased always are not truly in love with you or are not faithful, and also those who hate teasing are not faithful, am not trying to say that. All I am trying to say is that you should be cautious about who you tend to love more.  


His protective right? Well, that's a good sign.

Sometimes circumstances differ from others, you might meet someone else who is overprotective as a result of budging into your privacy just to see if you're okay. It does happen and all you have to say is to explain to him how you always feel when he does that, and maybe he might stop.

What about those who aren't protective? Are they still the loving type? Maybe yes, and that's all you have to figure out.

Don't lose your boyfriend just from what others say but what you feel about him.

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