5 Simple Ways To Love Yourself More

5 Simple Ways To Love Yourself More

Yeah! I know how it feels every now and then, when things got tougher and the world is on you. I understand that no matter how hard and often you try sometimes others would like to keep you off because they believe that there is something important that you are keeping off, and that is because of you don't love yourself enough.

There is a saying that goes like this "the more you live to love and take good care of yourself, the more others would love you too."What I'm trying to say is that; you can't pretend to give what you don't have within yourself to others and also others can't give out what you can't offer to them either "YOU HAVE TO GIVE SOMETHING OUT."

Love is the answer of all our pains. It heals the soul and makes the heart more welcoming, and no matter the amount of pains others inflict on you or your past had caused for you, you wouldn't be inflicted by any, if you tend to love yourself. Like what Jim Kwik the author of the book "LIMITLESS" said "To practice self-love is not a selfish act." 

So how can you love yourself more?

Have Positive Affirmations.

Surround yourself with positivism. Tell yourself more positive things about than negative things, tell yourself you are much more grateful for who you are, you are you and no one can be you or you can't be anyone either, tell yourself the world count on you.

Surround yourself with positivism and give others the opportunity to see who you are truly. And I know and believe that it you tend to love yourself, surround yourself with positive words and affirmations, it will change your life forever.

Always Forgive Yourself

No one is above mistakes and there is no one in the world that can say they are perfect or haven't made any mistakes in their lives. I know to forgive yourself might be the hardest thing to do, but it is also the new tool you can implement in your life that would change you. We all find it hard to forgive ourselves for mistakes we did in the past or actions we deeply regretted, but we also find it easier when forgiving others no matter what they've done to us

Learning the art of mastering how to practice self-forgiveness when stuck in your actions or past. It will take some certain amount of time but it actually worth it forgive yourself often to start afresh.

Take Good Care Of Yourself.

You can't pretend to love yourself, if you can't take a good care of yourself. The world is wild and there are also lots of atrocities going on around, in terms of security, pandemic, and other things that are harmful to you in different ways. By taking good care of yourselves, you would be able to see the world in a different perspective. Taking good care of yourself would enable you to fit in, in you own world without the intervention of any Intruders.

Intruders are always there to take the peace of others and no matter how hard they try, loving and taking good care of yourself will not give them the opportunity of entry into any aspect or place in your own world. 

Ignore Toxic People.

Toxic people is like a poison and when poured into a water it influence and manipulate the water to be poisonous. Toxic people would never are any impact or positivity in your live, they're always willing to criticize you, and no matter how good you are to them they would never appreciate your time of being friends with them.

Ignoring of toxic people would be a very great opportunity for you to see things as through and knows things which makes you happy and things which does not.

Focus Mainly On Things That Would Add Impact On You.

Focus on things that would add impact on your life and moving aways from things that won't add any impact in your life. Everything you intend doing today would reflect in your life tomorrow. Sometimes we humans tend to find ourselves confused not knowing what we actually want, some live for others and some just live because they have too.

Understanding that mainly focusing on things that would add impact in every aspect of your life would determined how well you will love yourself.

In conclusion, loving of oneself is a powerful tool you can use in achieving more greater things in the world.

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