Unbelievable Things Women Do That Will Leave You Dismay


Unbelievable Things Women Do That Will Leave You Dismay

In world history, women have been consistently underrated and disrespected inaccurately, and they continue to work hard to reject such claims and outdated information about them.

However, in today's world women are being caught up displaying all sorts of unbelievable things, and in this article, I will be discussing with you about the unbelievable things some women do that will leave you dismay.

1. Jacquie Davies.

Jacquie Davies

Have you ever ruminate about a woman being an official bodyguard, look no further than Jacquie Davies.

Jacquie Davies is known as the first woman to become a personal bodyguard in the UK (United Kingdom), a job that is known to be dominated by men and also a job is popularly known to be filled with high risk and intense.

In the world where other women spent their time partying, going on shopping and many more, Jacquie spent days doing surveillance and rescuing others.

One of Jacquie's most dangerous assignments is rescuing all workers from Iraq, a notorious war zone known for unpredictable terrorist activities.

Jacquie Davies is seen as a fearless woman for her decision to save the lives of others.

2. Faith Dickey.

Faith Dickey

Walking on an ultimate slackline webbing with bare feet might be easy doing, but how would it feel to have walked on a slackline webbing with high heels?

Faith Dickey is an incredible professional slackliner and also a fearless woman recorded countlessly for walking on a higher rope with high heels which most women would find it impossible to. 

Nowadays most women find it uncomfortable walking with high heels around the streets and roads but here is Dickey, the first woman to exceed the 100-meter mark in slackline.

3. Sofia Gomez Uribe.

Sophia Gomez Uribe

Sofia Gomez Uribe is far from being an average woman. She is a superhero holding an incredible professional six (6) national records in three different freediving disciplines.

Sofia is a record-breaker in the world of freediving, a sport based around underwater diving without the use of any breathing device or equipment.

In 2014, Sofia broke a dynamic apnea record by swimming for 624 feet, in 2017 she broke the CMAS constant and weight bi-fins freediving world record, diving 273 feet in 2 minutes and 43 seconds.

And peradventure, she is not a professional diver, but a civil engineer that just occasionally breaks records of underwater diving.

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4. Chintya Candranaya.

Chintya Candranaya.

 Have you ever heard of a woman who bends metal poles with bare hands or legs? 

Well have heard countless men bending uncountable stuff but not women, Chintya Candranaya is a Pencak Salat practitioner from the country Indonesia, famously known for her unbelievable martial arts skills.

Candranaya is a woman who seems superhuman and emotionally strong, a woman who can punch or kick a concrete wall without seeking or going to the hospital which many can't.

5. Sandra Day O'Connor.

Sandra Day O'Connor

Have you ever heard of the first woman to have served in the United States of the supreme court or a woman who is more involved in the world of politics?

Well maybe not! Sandra Day O'Connor is one of the great and powerful women in the world of politics in the United States. Day O'Connor was nominated in the United States Senate in 1981 by President Ronald Reagan. 

She was a moderate republican justice who was confirmed unanimously by the senate. Day O'Connor sat in the court for 25 years retiring in 2006, during her period in the court she was considered as one of the world's most powerful women in the world of politics.

However, President Barack Obama in 2009 awarded her the presidential award of freedom, cementing her trailblazing legacy. 

Sandra Day O'Connor is also known as an American icon for women everywhere around the world to make history as the first female justice in the United States, even today she is heralded as one of the most important women ever to sit in the political office.

The moral lesson here is that we should never underestimate women as it has been a long time ago, women are improving and developing themselves every single day.

So, which of these trailblazing women do you find the most fascinating?

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