How To Get Along With A Frustrating Roommate


How to get along with your roommate.
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Some roommates might frustrate you countlessly, but when you get to know them more, they are going to be cool to stay with at the end.

This made me remember some of my roommates, while still at high school. When trying to tidy the room, that's when they begin to stay dirtying the room again. It feels frustrating that I would have to start all over again just to get the room tidy, and at the same time, still have to get along with them maturely.

Even if I wanted to change my room, there would still be someone there in the other room who would still act the same as him. I had no choice but to stay with them all through the semester.

Living with college roommates is fascinating and there would be a lot of memories left whenever you guys tend to leave yourself. 

We all have that one person in the room, who always frustrates us and no matter what we did they are not willing to change. So in this article, I will be sharing with you how you can get along with your roommate.

How To Get Along With A Frustrating Roommate.

get along with your roommate.

Learn more about them.

Sometimes you will be added to a room where you know no one and when such things happen, try learning more about them by asking yourself these questions.

1. Can they cope with your rules?

There might be some things you want and don't want. It might be noise while studying, bringing other people to the room, and many more. 

2. How can they be your friends?

Some people will be your roommate but would never persuade you as a friend. Not that you are bad to make friends with or maybe you are so strict with your standards of staying organized.

3. If I do this, what would happen?

There are some things that you are likely to do, but since you don't know how to react either negatively or positively it's important for you to know. Most roommates hate moving their things from one place to another when tidying the room.

Asking yourself how to get would react when such is done would give you a good insight to talk with them about such things.

Talk with them.

Talk with your roommate before you guys go too deep into the semester, it's important. And making a roommate is one of the important factors you guys can implement when talking together about how you guys are going to keep on with the room.

Agreeing with your roommate at an early stage will keep everyone organized and know what and what should be done even when you are not around to correct them. They already know that going against the room agreement is not acceptable by the other room members.

Here's a good example you can make to your roommates.

  • Nobody should disturb you when it's already late.

  • Nobody should invite others without informing other members.

  • Nobody should leave a room littered without proper cleanup.

  • Every day every one of us is entitled to the safety of our room.

And many more examples, and please note; to prevent unnecessary and complicating arguments with your roommate you need to sit and talk with them to agree on how you guys can get along. And ignoring this important aspect is at your own risk.

Deal with them as a business partner.

It might sound funny when I said you should deal with your roommate as a business partner, but it's not. There would be times when you guys will need to buy some things for the room, who will take the risk of paying for such things, is it you, or your roommate, or the both of you?

Dealing with your roommate as a business partner when funds and other expenses are involved will encourage a well-established relationship between you and your roommate since your guys accept living together.

Speak out or involve a third party.

Whenever you think that your roommate can't address an issue without divergence, don't hesitate to speak out or involve a third party to help you guys out. It's really important. When keeping quiet over issues you are supposed to speak out on would turn out worse for both of you.

Involving a third party to help you guys out might not be needed sometimes when you feel you can handle his aggressive attitude without conflict but when you feel you can involve a third party to sort you guys out is important as fighting with each other is never encouraging.

Be mindful of your attitude.

You and your roommate are entirely different from each other, different lifestyles, different choices and many more. If you want to get along with your roommate you need to be mindful of your attitude.

Things are going which you might like but he doesn't, for example; 

  • Offing of light before sleeping.

  • Sleeping while the fan is on.

  • Playing music and many more.

Being mindful of your article your attitude would be of a great in nourishing the relationship between you and your roommate 


Not having a roommate at high school or college is quietly not evitable as it is not everyone will have the capability of staying alone within or outside the campus.

As I said earlier, I have been staying with roommates since high school and those are methods I used in getting along with my roommates.

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