Got Kicked Out From A Group Of Friend? 5 Things You Need To Know Now


Got Kicked Out From A Group Of Friend? 5 Things You Need To Know Now

Have you ever been with some set of groups as friends and it turned out that you are kicked out for being friends, with them? Making new friends at some certain point in life is hard and finding some new groups to fit in would also feel impossible like everyone is running away from you.

They are countless times where you always want to make friends with others, but it will turn out that they don't like you either and whatever ever you try doing it never impressed them to be friends with you. When you found yourself in such a dilemma, it's never too late for you to get friends who will like you for who you are and will be with you forever. 

So here are few things to acknowledge when being kicked out from your group of friends.

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Remember you don't lose friends.

Always remember that you don't lose and friend, they lose your friendship. True friends will always be by your side forever. 

And as for those who kicked you out from being friends they weren't your true friend,s, to begin with, because they kept you there so they have someone to pick on when they are bored or need someone. Always try living the good life of yours and your true friends will locate you for who you are.

Don't rush.

Remember! Rushing, making new friends won't determine whether they are the same as your former friends who kicked you out. True friends always come naturally, they might come when you expect it less, they might come when going through a lot of challenges and you might even meet some social media—they might be very far away from you but the friendship is oftentimes real than those who are near to you.

Find a hobby.

Try finding a hobby, or anything you are interested in. There are lots of groups around the globe where you can find those who are interested in the same hobby as yours, it's not too late in making or keeping new real friends than being emotional derailed caused you to lose some old friends.

Understands why they kicked you out of being their friends.

In everything we humans do, there is always a good reason behind it. Maybe the group of friends you found yourself in don't deserve you or neither you deserves them either, your friends would always have something they dislike about you and won't disclose it to you so easily.

Maybe they want you to be doing the same things as theirs, which you are not interested in or you are doing wrong. Understanding why your group of friends kicked you out of being friends with them would give you a better insight into how you are going to make new friends who are better than them and you guys would also have some things in common.

Get into self-love and self-care.

It will be rough and tough for you. To pass through this stage, you don't have to beat yourself down just because some set of people stop being your friends. The world is big and there are lots of people out there who are willing to learn and be good friends with you.  

And as you are growing up every day, there would be countless friends who will come into your life for some time and after some while they will still leave, not that you offended them but that is how the world is designed to be. "NOT EVERYONE ARE THERE TO STAY FOREVER IN OUR LIVES." 


Get into self-love and self-care, don't worry much about others true friends will locate you.

In conclusion.

True friends would never wish to kick you out from being friends with them either they're willing to do anything other for you to stay with them whether bad or good, they are willingly going to accept you for who you are and would never use your weakness against you. 

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