Critical Thinking: How To Think Like A Guru


Critical thinking

How often have you heard about Gurus and their skill in thinking? What does it mean to be a Guru and how can you be one?

Gurus are human just like you have the same brain, eyes, ears and so on. But some believes that being a Guru is far from being a normal human being.

Actually, for you to think like a Guru or be like a Guru requires some extra thing everyone neglected, which made people to believe that they are sort of supernatural beings which they aren't.

However, critical thinking basically means asking yourself or questioning yourself countlessly, how to know or prove a specific answer to be different from others sources you can find on the internet, case studies and many more.

There are chances that you can read, create, think and also criticize things but how often can you think critically like a Guru? How often have you solved a problem that means a lot to the world?

So here are a few brief descriptions explaining the thinking strategy that can stimulate you to think like a Guru in your specific field.

1. Be open minded: You might have heard about how Gurus are open minded around the things evolving around their environment and obviously how they do love exploring the world.

To be able to think like a Guru, you have to be able to create opportunities for more questions around you and be ready to explore more around the corner of the world.

2. Be intellectually curious: it's obvious that you aren't curious about the questions and problems which evolve around your field on a daily basis. How well have you recognised huge problems that are worth answers or solutions from you?

To be a Guru you have to be intellectually curious about those questions, problems and inquiries around your field and how possibly you are going to solve them.

3. Be intellectually careful: Gurus don't just give a solution for a particular problem,they look carefully on how those solutions they provide can solve such problems. They take their time to analyse the solution, and how many problems it's likely to solve.

They are being precise and organised on how they do give solutions to problems.

4. Be skeptical in nature: Humans have a tendency to explain things they assume or not to be sure about. As Guru you are going to be skeptical in nature of every answer being given by others around your field until it's being proven with evidence.

Gurus doubt what they learnt and are likely to learn more, since that is a unique way of being knowledgeable as no one is able to know everything. But Gurus learn everyday and are still wishing to know more and solve more problems in their field.

6. Be like scientists: Scientists believe in evidence and Gurus provide evidence of problems they have solved. Being an upcoming Guru what are the things you want to prove to the world? What are the things you want the world to trust you with?

Scientists believe that anything that doesn't have evidence or can't be proven can not be called something. So what are the things you want the world to know you for as a Guru?

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