5 Reasons Why You See Yourself As A Failure

5 Reasons Why You See Yourself As A Failure


It is overwhelming to acknowledge that everything you set out or put your mind to do turns out not good or the way you have wanted it to be. That sucks right?

I have to beat on myself countlessly as a failure to my family, friends, and also myself. And at the same time said to me that I don't worth being called a failure.

It's amazing counting myself out of that though being a failure, but what amazed me most is that the reasons I looked on to push myself to success and to grow beyond my expectations are still their same reasons that brought me down as a failure.

So here I would be discussing with you 5 reasons why you see yourself as a failure based on my experience.

Always want to get all things done at a time.

To get things done fast at a time has been my top priority over the years and whenever I am unable to meet up to my expectations for tasks I have set to do I feel down. 

In my first year at college, I priorities to be friends with everyone, always study to be the best student with the best grade, always want to get along with all activities going on within and outside the college, and many more goals to be achieved. But my expectations turned out bad.

I was not able to achieve half of what I had dreamt of achieving like, making friends, getting along with school activities without realising that I can't always get all these things done at a time.

To expect yourself to achieve your goals, learn to get one thing done right before moving to others because trying to get all things done at a time without things out of the box will leave you devastated.


Not all aspects of our lives would come out to be perfect and this has been the hurtful truth most people failed to believe.

I want to live a perfect lifestyle free of stress and ease getting all my goals achieved without thinking that in certain circumstances at certain times the world which revolves around me changes.

And however, perfectionism has left many to regret, leave many disperse, to be depressed and so on for not achieving their goals or tasks perfectly. 

Don't expect the perfect time, don't expect the perfect things you need. The ones you have are enough to be used, as to be known nobody in this world is perfect.

Failure to accept or accommodate challenges.

It's quite fortunate that challenges are meant to be us, and challenges and obstacles/problems are two different things that work accordingly.

How often have you accepted that challenges are part of life and can evolve at any moment to taste your fate, your capabilities, and your patience?

Back in college in my first year, there was a time I had all things done, going smoothly as I had planned not knowing what would happen shortly. But I have also planned my ways out by accepting that there are sometimes that I need to accommodate challenges and to get that done is to have a backup plan.

What am I saying here is that we can overcome or defeat challenges and problems in life if we accept that challenges are meant to be part of human life activities?

Blaming yourself and others.

Blaming ourselves and others is common in humans and one of the worst activities we need to neglect in our lives.

We alone know our capabilities, we alone know our lives not others, we alone are the main CEO of ourselves and criticism of ourselves or blaming would leave an imprint on our lives as a failure.

Learn to accept your own mistakes and use it to your advantage, and move on in life because the world deserves the best of you.

Comparing yourself to that of others.

It is okay to compare yourself to that of others when comes to the aspect of learning more from you, them or wanting to be life for them and following their lifestyle. But it's not okay to compare yourself in terms of competition to that of others.

Have seen many individuals on social media and in the real world live lives they are not happy about and most of these individuals see and call themselves a failure whenever being interviewed.

They are forced to buy things out of their wishes, forced to do things, because the life they are living competes with that of others or to be in regard as the best and top-notch from others and when not able to meet up with their needs they would regard themselves as a failure.

In conclusion, the world is too big to be worried about little things and to correct our mistakes and also to stop seeing ourselves as a failure, since we are not born one. Learn to understand that no matter what we do there some things that are meant to be left like that and untouched.

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