Procrastination: How To Get Rid Of Procrastination


Earlier today, I felt so down and tired emotionally, not willing to get anything done even if there is a lot to be done. I stayed on my bed doing nothing throughout even when I knew there's a lot of study, chores and so on to be done.

I found out, most of my works and chores are being delayed, and I felt like "Am I procrastinating?" This question moved like a bolt through my body and made me realise it is procrastinating.

What is procrastination?

Procrastination is when we delay or postpone an important and relevant work over an unimportant and irrelevant work to satisfy the immediate gratification of our needs regardless of what comes after it.

We are moved to postpone an important work even though it's urgent, we still have to satisfy our own needs before doing such work. I usually find myself in such a situation "postponing of work" so in this article I will share with you how you can get through such a situation.

Can procrastination make you lazy?

Someone who procrastinates is no way lazy but if he goes on making procrastination a habit, there is no choice than to classify him under those that are lazy. Laziness is an act of doing important work in a form of dislike or being inactive in an unavailing manner.

So being procrastinating does not reflect that you are lazy but wanted to satisfy the immediate gratification of needs before getting back to main work.

How to get rid of procrastination

Getting rid of procrastination requires time and it's not easy you will have to be willing to let go of things keeping you to procrastination, so here are some few amazing ways I do follow to get rid of procrastination.

1. Recognise that you are procrastinating.

If you are not able to recognise that you are procrastinating you would never be able to get rid of it. I do procrastinate and by recognising that I am procrastinating give me the motivation to get rid of it. And here are a few questions I ask myself whenever I want to know if I'm going through procrastination.

  • Do I have any important work to do?
  • Is the work that needs to be done Important than what I am doing right now?
  • What would I gain If I'd delay such work?

These questions have been a great help for me to overcome procrastination. If there are also any other questions to add you can also below at the comment section.

2. Go out for a walk.

Well! After realising that I'm procrastinating but still can't get over it, I would be okay to do for a walk or leave the same position you are. Procrastinating does take time to get rid of that is why it would be important to realise if truly you are procrastinating that it would be great to deal with easily.

3. Set up your to-do list.

To-do list always consists of tasks that need to be done. With a To-do list, you would be able to know which tasks need to be done before the other and it also helps in the management of time.

With your to-do list, you would be able to recognise when you will be done with such a task, finalise your mind toward such a task and what would be the outcome of such task when it has been accomplished.

4. Startup with work.

It might be easy when said or typed but getting rid of procrastination requires dedication and discipline. When not discipline to realise that there are a lot of things to be done or when you don't allow your mind to acknowledge that you are procrastinating you can never overcome it.

In conclusion.

There are lots of things you need to get done, what's stopping you from completing such a task you have set up to do? leave a comment below.

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