Can't Focus When Examination Is Approaching


Can't focus when examination is approaching
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There is nothing like losing focus when you don't expect it most. It will bring you down and make you look confused.

There's one week left for the examination when my phobia for examination rises, which makes me not able to focus on my studies. Though I tried recalling things I have read, and why I am not able to focus, but it turns out bad.

However, It saddens me seeing my other colleagues studying but I can't—only for me to bury down my head on my desk staring at my books without finding my way out to be prepared for the examination. Time went by, countless hours of set back, here are the things I noticed that make me not able to focus when my examinations are approaching.

Too much worry.

Truly examination is going to come and past we all know that. "Just like death, Wherein humans are afraid of dying, and will go through any extent for them to not die earlier, and eventually they will surely die."

What am I saying here? We all get worried about our examination results, I know surely that if I don't study, my results would turn out bad. On the other side, I'm just afraid, or maybe I'm just lost in what to do.

After moments of getting myself together, I noticed that "I don't have to be worried about my exams when I know that I'm still going to write the exams." I JUST  HAVE TO BE POSITIVE AND LET THE FLOWS IN.``

Bad time strategies.

It's important to be well organized with h time management skills and techniques. It makes life easier and makes someone know what they have to do next.

Bue the reverse is the case, I lack skills in time management and do procrastinate most times. Time management has been an important factor for Students like me, who are finding it hard to stay focused.

With time management skills and techniques, I can get things done faster, understand where and what I need to do each time I feel less focus to help me in getting back on track.

Environment factor.

Maybe I'm just a person who loves studying where it is silent, or is a person who loves noise why studying. I just need to find out the one which works best for me and use it to my advantage.

I noticed that preparing my environment for studies before beginning anything related to studies matters a lot, and once my environment is not properly arranged or tidy, the rate of focusing on my studies is less.

By knowing this I try preparing my study environment, know which factors work best for me and use them to my advantage.

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Study group.

Sometimes when I can't focus on studying, I'll be forced by some of my friends to study. It might be crazy at first but it helps me to be focused and makes me know the w reasons why I should be studying at that moment.

Many research has shown that students who study in groups mostly perform better than those who don't. You don't need to get a study group in any way, but it's really important if you can get one.

Resist it.

It's common that sometimes no matter how hard I tried I won't be able to stay focus and study. It would be crazy at that moment in time—that is why I would resist being overwhelmed by doing the things I love that d make me happy.

Have you ever lose focus or being overwhelmed due to your phobia for examination? Leave a comment t at the comment section let me know.

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