13 Powerful Things To Be Thankful For In Life

Things to be thankful for in life

In certain circumstances, it is easier for us to focus on things we do not have, than what we do have, which leads us to depression. It is also important for us to take time and remember that there are things we all have and should be thankful for, that most of us take for granted. Some of those things we took for granted might not be well known to us.

So here you will find 13 things to be thankful for in your daily life. These things should be like good reminders that you shouldn't put away.

1. Be thankful for Good Health.

Health is wealth, and it can't be bought at any price. Be grateful for your health even if it's isn't great like you wanted, there are chances it could be.

2. Be thankful for seeing today.

Many slept, few woke up alive and out of those few that woke up some woke up being sick. If you are awake and healthy, it is one of the most powerful things you should be grateful for.

3. Be thankful for the money in the bank.

There are many more people looking for money around the world, there are some people who barely see money in their daily lives. Having some little money in the bank can't make you richer than most people in the world but at least it helps in some ways.

4. Be thankful to have a good bed to sleep in.

Many take the bed for granted and never acknowledge that there are millions of citizens out there looking for a single bed to sleep on. Having a good bed to sleep in is something we should all be grateful for in life.

5. Be thankful for having a shelter to rest on.

We all have our working hours and after those hours we are likely to go back to our shelter to rest. Well! Many individuals never dream to have one.

6. Be thankful for your parents.

Your parents brought you to the world is enough for you to be thankful for even if they are nonadaptive, but the fact that they are your parents and they are the ones that brought you to the world is enough for you to be thankful for.


7. Be thankful for your status in life.

I'm so sure that there are thousands of people out there wanting to be in your status, so it is worth being thankful for.

8. Be grateful for the joy you've got.

Many want happiness, joy, peace and blessings but they never got it, not because they don't need it or don't have the changes too but circumstances differ. 

9. The freedom to express your thoughts.

Most people never have the opportunity or freedom to express their thoughts and feelings freely without any problems either from their families, friends or community. The opportunity you have to express your thoughts or feelings in a free manner is worth being thankful for in life. 


10. Be grateful for the time you have.

We all have time to rest, time to think back to the past, time to plan and so on. All these things we all have time for are worth being grateful for because without time we won't be able to be these things done.

11. Be thankful for love.

Some thought no one loves them and want to be love like others. If you are among these set of people never give up because you love yourself without the help or love of others is also worth being thankful for in life in as much as you don't lose your hope if being loved back by Others

12. Being able to read and understand.

Not everyone can read, and also not everyone who can read have the capability to understand. That is why we have to be grateful for us being able to read and understand.

13. For not having disabilities.

Many never notice that the ability for them to walk around, eat, see, talk, hear and so on, is worth being thankful for. 

In conclusion, there are much more things in life we have to be thankful for, in life, the ones we know and the ones we don't know and knowing that to practice gratitude—these 13 things to be thankful for in life are the first step in practice gratitude.

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