Unique Ways To Study Anything Faster And Smart

Unique ways to study anything faster

You might want to be that person in your class who will love to study in less time and gets top in the class, or are you that kind of person that hardly gets to the top of the class despite the amount of time you put into studies. You don't have to beat yourself up just because you are not a fast learner like others.

So here are unique ways you can study anything faster and smart and still get to the top.

1. Create your own study time.

Creating your own study time would help you to know when and where to study. You will don't have to worry about studying just because others are studying, they too have their own study time.

Get a study time where you will be fine and be okay for your studies and by using Google calendar or any other time management application can be a great help.

2. Have a nice and well-organized study place.

Your environment and things surrounding you at that period of time matters a lot. Your environment would determine how focused you will be with your studies at that period.

If you have an unorganised environment you will be less focused on your study.

3. Endeavour to space your study time. 

Spacing your study time help information learnt to get into the long term memory and it also helps to remember more of the things being studied.

Sometime you might be into cramming, but the bad idea is that cramming does not work for the long term goals. 

It's a pity seeing students cramming before the exams and while getting to the hall the can't remember all the things they crammed earlier. That is why it's advisable for you to space your time while studying.

4. Getting enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep might be something simple to say but difficult to achieve when a lot has to be done. Sleeping after studying help to connect the brain cells which is being developed during studying to other brain cells. 

5. Don't Study At Night.

Studying at night will affect your ability to remember fast or anything that you have studied earlier. Research has shown that people studying at night are unlikely to remember more of what they study than those who study in there leisure hours of the day.

6.  Avoid Multitasking.

For effective studying, we need to avoid the term multitasking. Most of us do multitask our selves without we even know we are.

Receiving and answering of tex or checking out of new contents from our social media feeds, while in the middle of studying.

It would be best to avoid multitasking when studying in other for us to stay focused.

7. Learn As If You Are Going To Teach It To Others.

Learning as if you are going to teach what you have just learnt or study to others is an effective and efficient way of study or in another way stored the information in the long term memory.

8. Teach Others Or Yourself What You Have Learnt.

Teaching others helps in processing what is been learnt earlier in your own words to the brain. Studies have shown that students, who teach their colleagues what they had learnt earlier tend to understand and remember more than those who do not.

9. Eat Brain Foods.

Eating brain food is more like preparing and nourishing your brain to be effective and active whenever you are studying. Just like your body needs food to be okay that is how your brain also needs in other for it to be effective. 

10. Exercise.

Exercise has a lot of mental health benefits, which helps to improve concentration and focus In studying. Some student never put exercising into consideration which affects their level of concentration and focuses.


Whenever you are studying endeavour to have a little break in between your study, either going for a little walk or just anything that will work out for you at that period of time and remember to exercise because exercising helps in improving the brain capacity to learn and retain information.

What are the challenges you do get when studying? Leave a comment below.

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