11 Great Tips For First Week Of College


Are you a freshman student in the college? Or rather already in college? And you are finding it hard to get through your first week?

Today I will be sharing with you 11 great tips on how you can navigate through your first week. A college is a place filled up with new people from different places. In my first year, I never got anyone to direct me or share with me tips on how they navigate through their first week, but I find my way out amazingly.

In your first week of college you will meet up with different kind of new friends, new roommates, new people and professors, how can you cope with them without any challenges? Those are the tips I will be sharing with you today.

College Tips

Here are 11 Great Tips For The First Week Of College

1. Check Out On Your Health: Your health matters a lot, without you not being able to get enough strength to study or meet up with activities going on around, there is no way you can make it through your first semester.

Endeavour to go for a check-up at the nearest hospital at home before resuming or within the premises of your college in other for you to avoid being sick when lectures are going on.

2. Don't Be Eager To Make New Friends: Making new friends is important for you to do, but endeavour not to be too eager making new friends in your first week, there is much time left for you to make friends. And for friends, there will always be the time they will come looking for you.

3. Start With The End In Mind: At the end of the semester every student would likely like to be at the top of the class, starting with the end of mind would enable you to. stay focus throughout the semester.  

4. Check Out For The Semester Calendar: It's really important for you to find out more information about how the college semester will go, by checking out for the semester calendar, you will get to know more about how the semester will go through.

The calendar will explain to you what the College will offer the freshmen students and others returning students about what and how they will go through the semester, and what they will likely experience in the semester.

 5. Check Out For Your Lectures Timetable: Don't be that kind of student who thought, for the first week, the professors won't be around lecturing others. The first week is the most important time you can get to know more about your professors and how you can move along throughout the semester.

Checking out for both your lecture timetable and the whole semester timetable is a great way for you to start as a freshman student in college or a returning student.

6. Planning: You might have to check out the semester calendar and you already know when you have lectures, it will be good for you to plan how you can go through the semester. Know that sometimes you will have to go through the things you are not supposed to, but with planing or scheduling your time properly, it will help you with what to do at the right time than wasting your time.

7. Explore the Environment: You are new to the college or just returning from holiday. There will always be free time for you, why don't you use the opportunity to explore the environment, your lecture classes, dorm and so on. By doing so you won't get to ask others why and where you need to go in other for you, get the things you are in need of and you will get to see what has changed about the environment.

8. Always Keep A Diary/Journal: Keeping a journal or writing a diary is really important for a college student. By keeping a journal or writing a diary, will really help you to know about the progress you have made throughout your time in college and it's really important to keep a journal on your first week in college because most times you will likely want to navigate back to things you have missed back in the days.

9. Challenges: Always put it in your mind that there will be times you will face challenges in college, from friends, the few new people you meet, from your professors and so on. You are in a new environment with different kind of people from where you come from, and remember not everyone will always be the way you wanted them to be.

10. Make Good Use Of Your Smartphone: The smartphone is the best gadget you can use in college there are many good benefits of using a smartphone as a college student and one thing you can benefit from it is, it will help you to get more updates and information about things going on around.

11. Get A Verified Credit Card: Before going to college, endeavour to get your own and personal verified credit card, this will helps you to make purchases when needed.

In Conclusion

So those are the 11 Great Tips For First Week Of College, I believe you also find them helpful, please endeavour to share to your friends who are finding it hard to focus when resuming or your friends who are new into the College.

I would also love to ask what are the great challenges you are facing recently in college leave a comment below for someone answer.

And don't forget to stay tuned on our blog for more articles about how you can navigate through your semesters freely for a bright GDP at the end.

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