College Tips - How I Plan My Night Before Exams

College Tips - How I Plan My Night Before Exams

Every day at college, am always thinking of ways I'm going to pass my exams, and whenever it's exam week I get anxious about it. I always had sleepless nights stuffing myself at college with studies and when I do wake up in the morning I normally have a mental block on all I have studied all through the nights.

After a couple of exams at college, I realized I'm taking the wrong step to study, "which makes me stop studying at night and I started following some other smart ways to stay productive and active at the examination hall without having any mental block."

I do plan my night out before the next day of exams, which helps me out a lot, and I decided to also share those tips on how I plan my night before Exams with you and in some ways also learn from you guys.

How I Plan My Night Before Exams

Planning your night before exams is a smart way of performing better at college, you don't have to stuff yourself much with studying before you can truly achieve your aims and goals for performing extremely well in college. Research has shown that students who Mostly have a productive night before their examinations perform extremely better. So here are some tips on how I plan my night before exams.

College Tips - How I Plan My Night Before Exams

1. Usually Clear My Mind And Thoughts For The Next Day.

I sometimes do have bad days at college and this has been away I used to go through those hard times. Throughout my days I could have gone through a lot, studied, attended lectures, exercised and also checked out other students, which has been my routine over the years.

But in my room, I used the opportunity to clear my mind and thoughts about all I have gone through over the day and get prepared for the next day. This is the opportunity I usually use to visualize how my next day is going to be. It's just like a form of meditation, it makes me get through the stress I have been through over the day.

By doing this I would be able to visualize how the next day is going to be. Is it going to be bad or is it going to be good?

However, no one can predict the future either good or bad but by clearing my mind and thoughts for the next day, I would be ready and be fully prepared for the next day, because I have already visualized in my mind, how am going to go through the day either good or bad.

2. I Write Down My Goals For The Next Day.

After visualizing how am going to go through the next day, I will write down my goals. Writing down my goals immediately after visualizing how I would go through the next day, would give me the ideas of things I wished to achieve for the next day and my days at college usually start at 3 am. 

For instance, let me say tomorrow I had an exam to catch at 8 am, obviously, over the free days I could have studied that same course, but I still need to revise and study. So when writing down my goals I would add study to the list, and other things like siesta (I love siesta at college especially when the weather is too hot).

Writing down my goals is a great start for me over the next day, but I condemn studying at night because it affects mental health and also mostly have a mental block in the examination hall.

So the best way and time I do study is around the dayTime and also immediately after getting all work done in the morning before going for classes.

3. I Planned Out My Day And Attached My Goals.

A well organized and productive night would not only help you to stay organized at college but it will also help you to stay organized, productive and be able to deal with Procrastination at college. 

My planner and Google calendar had played a good role for me over time spent at college. Planning my days and attaching my goals to them doesn't only help me out on my studies but also helps me to avoid and deal with procrastination and also help me to stay focus and be productive throughout my college life as well as my life after college.

4. I Make Up For The Next Day.

I make up for the next day, by arranging the things I need for my day to stay active and productive in the examination hall. The ideas for me to start planning out my night before exams, even on my normal schedule at college, started when I realized I'm usually wasting my time, and instead of me to use the opportunity to clear my mind and thoughts, write down my goals and also planned my days out. I am stuffing myself with studies because of my phobia of failure.

But when I get to understand that, stuffing myself with studies at night and avoiding don't worth it, that is when I understand the purpose to plan my night.

I make up for the day by arranging the things I would likely use at the examination hall, and other related things I need that will also help me. 

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