Top 11 Best Websites To Make Money Online

Top 11 best websites to make money online

The world now revolves around the internet and most business owners and entrepreneurs are moving their Jobs online to earn more money and gain recognition around the world. Whether you are planning to make your own business or looking for a side place to make money from, we have piled up the best 11 websites for you to make money from or promote your business online.

Top 11 Best Website To Make Money Online.

1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publication.

2. Udemy

3. Amazon Handmade.

4. Payoneer.

5. Skillshare.

6. Clickbank.

7. Amazon Associate.

8. Textbrooker.

9. Upwork.

10. Google AdSense.

11. Flippa.

Site 1: Amazon Kdp

Amazon Kindle direct publications are one of the biggest marketplaces for amateur and professional writers to self-published their works online for sales.

It provides an unproblematic interface that allows you as a publisher to publish your works regardless of the type of genre you write on.

Basically, Amazon Kindle Direct Publication will help you to publish your works on the Amazon Kindle store world-wide in less than 24-48 hours for free, It also allows you to have the right to set and adjust your own price and make changes to your work at any time, and lastly, you will earn 70% loyalty from every sale made both in the US and other countries around the globe.

Site 2: Udemy

Udemy is a website that has been in existence from May 2010, and today is one of the best websites with over millions of students with instructors and teachers teaching others over the world. 

In Udemy there are lots, of course, you can take on regardless of what you are good at or what you are skilled in for others to learn from, and each course has some certain amount you can be paid on.

Site 3: Amazon Handmade

 Amazon handmade is a sales website where you can upload your own handmade products (arts and crafts) and sell them.

In Amazon handmade anyone one can sell what they are good and skilled at, it is also a good startup for those who have lots of artworks to share or sell to the world.

Site 4: Payoneer 

You might be surprised to see Payoneer in the list. Payoneer is an online website where you can send and receive money from all countries in the world.

Although it can also pay you for referring someone to the site also, the more you refer others the more you earn. Why not start up with the simple process of earning online.

Site 5: Skillshare

Skillshare is more like a brother to Udemy, Skillshare is a place where people come to learn new skills online when they sign up for a membership, it also has thousands of classes like photography, designing and so on.

In skillshare, you can also earn money with your skills by creating your own amazing classes.

Site 6: Clickbank

Clickbank is a website with all sorts of affiliate products. If you have got a website, or a blog, or social media accounts and also youtube videos. You can make money from Clickbank by recommending your affiliate products by the link you are given to others. 

In Clickbank there are lots of niches you can make income from, for instance, you are passionate about Fashion and Styles, you can make money from each sale by recommending those products to your audience.

Site 7: Amazon Associate 

Amazon Associate is also more like Clickbank. Amazon Associate is an ongoing affiliate programme also owned by Amazon and with Amazon Associate, if you are a youtube owner, or website owner, or blog owner you can also earn from it by every sale, the more sales you make in a day, the money you also make.

Site 8: Textbroker

This is a place where you can write and get out. In textbroker, you can be paid for write quality and unique contents. But each writer got each grade they can be paid on, based on the amount of hard work to put into it.

Site 9: Upwork

Upwork was formerly Elance and Odeck but officially merged together in 2015. Upwork is a professional online website for freelancers where they do hire freelancers and get paid for the amount of time they usually out into work.

In Upwork, if you have any skills like web designing, copywriting, customer service and so on, you can earn more by using those skills.

Site 10: Google AdSense

If. If you are a YouTube channel owner or a website owner, you can also make more money by putting ads from google on your website or YouTube Channel. If you are a youtube channel owner before you can be qualified for Google AdSense approval you need to have subscribers of no less than 1000 and total watch time of 4000 over the years but for a website owner, there are terms and conditions also applied for you to earn from Google AdSense as long as you are consistent and hardworking on your website you will make more money.

Site 11: Flippa

Flipper is an online place where you can buy and sell your website. Flipper works in a way that when you buy a website you can either hold and keep them because they are already making money for the users or you can add to the website and build them up and make more money from it. It's also an easy way to earn more money online from websites.

So those are the top 11 best websites to make money online. If you are interested to visit any of those websites above, you can go on by clicking on them and if you also know any legit website where someone can be paid please don't hesitate to also list them below at the comment section.

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