10 Things That Make Great Parents Great

10 Things That Make Great Parents Great.

"We will never know what our parents are truly going through until we become a parent."

When we first arrived in the world, parents are the first people we will meet. Everything we become now or later in life, are built up by the instrumentation laid down by our parents.

Parenting is a complicated and big responsibility, and no parents are said to be perfect in carrying out their responsibilities, broadly speaking, they all endeavour to be good parents. While some do follow textbooks others also follow their instincts to be a great parent. Nevertheless, being a great parent postulates a good understanding and patience.

So, with that in mind, what are the things that make great parents great and loved by their children?

1. Great Parents Get Along Together.

One of the important things that makes great parents great is how they act and interact with each other. Children who are from families wherein their parents are subjected to conflicts aren't well adjusted to those who came from families where there aren't parents conflicts, whether divorced or married.

Researchers also prove that kids who are from a single parents family home feel happier and better than those who are from a two parents family home, where they do fight a lot. However, great parents do know that if they want to make their kids happy or to have a better life, they have to figure out how to get along together, no matter the difference between them. 

2. They Display Physical Philia.

Myriad studies show that children grow vigorously on lovingness and philia. A child who feels loved by his parents would have greater self-esteem from those who don't.

A caring loving hug or warm touch from both parents can let a child know how much his parents care about him. Physical philia from both parents minify the chances of children, becoming aggressive, antisocial and having other behavioural problems.

3. They Spent Quality Time With Their Children.

Great parents do know that spending quality time with their children helps a lot in bringing out the best part from their children. Parents do know that spending one on one time and interacting with their children do help them to be more connected to them. And that is the only way they know how to connect more with them especially when busy.

4. They Take Heed And Understands.

Parents frequently spend their time talking to their children rather than spending their time with their kids. But as a child we all want to be heard by our parents, we all want to know that we also matter to our parents. 

When a child feels hurt, great parents have the opportunities to show them that's okay and help them talk through it. Regardless of how old their children are, parents make sure that they take the time to take heed of their kids and understand their thoughts, concerns and fears. 

Acknowledging children's thoughts as a parent would help them develop the confidence they need later on in life, to challenge themselves and also take risks. 

5. Great Parents Guide And Support.

Parents want their kids to succeed no matter what, they take bribes, push, prod or even penalise them to practice instruments, sports or excel in their studies and so on. But good parents know that being an aggressive mom or dad, is not likely to get their children further, then providing them with guidance, support, and gentle nudging, if, and when they need it to stay focused.

6. Their Kids Are Not Made Center Of The Globe.

More or fewer parents do allow their lives to revolve around their children. But kids who dictate what and when the family is going to eat for dinner and those who also direct their parents on how to spend their weekends have too much power.

Children who think they are made the centre of the globe by their parents grow up to be self-involved and entitled. Great parents authorized their kids to make great choices while maintaining a great hierarchy, and teach their children on what they have to offer the world rather than what they are owed.

7. They Don't Confuse Punishment With Discipline.

Punishment is all about making kids suffering for their wrongdoings, but discipline is about teaching them how to do better in the future. However, while great parents do give out consequences to their kids, their ultimate goal is to teach their kids how to develop themselves to be self-disciplined in making better choices.

8. They Inspire Their Kids To Try New Things.

Great parents inspire their children to try new things either at school or while at home. Most find it hard to try new things especially when they are being discouraged by everyone, but great parents know what it means to encourage their kids into trying new things, not because they want their kids to be perfect at all things but for them to have enough confidence in themselves.

9. They Grow And Protect Their Kids.

Most kids are born with unique gifts and talents, and great parents know that. They know how important it is to grow and protect those unique talents of their kids. Great parents encourage their kids to put more effort and build good confidence and self-esteem in their gifts and talents. Creating good and affordable environments for their kids to express themselves freely and openly.

10. They Acquire Their Kids How To Interact Communicate Others.

Social skills set is one of the important skill great parents endeavour their kids to know about. Kids with great communication skills are likely opportunity to perform excellently while in public or any when they do find themselves. 

Great parents know how important it is for their parent to be a good communicator with others and what they can achieve through that.

The question is are you are a great parent? And what are the skills do you think you can impose on your children lives? for them to have a bright future ahead.

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