10 Personalities Of A Responsible Man

10 Personalities Of A Responsible Man

Every lady's prayer is for her to meet a man with great and amazing personalities, that would love and take good care of her irrespectively of who she is or what she has gone through in the past.

However, most lady's prayers have been answered but yet some ladies do use their own arrogance and words to chase the same man that they have been praying for, for years.

Here I will be explaining to you how you can get to notice or know if you have really met the man of your dream you have been praying for.

10 Personalities Of A Responsible Man

10 Personalities Of A Responsible Man

#1. If He Is Confident.

Him being confident doesn't mean he should be arrogant about himself or who he is, a man with great confidence never shows off himself to the public regardless of who he is or where he has been too.

A man with a great personality would never disclose who he is to be public, they are always humble, generous and caring to the ones they love. A man full of arrogance and full of himself, who always shows off who he is to the public in order to gain attention or in others for others to know who he is will tend to leave you someday for someone else.

Try to differentiate between the one who is arrogant and that who is too confident of the love they had for you. Whenever you do, never try to let that kind of man to go because finding such a man now is hard to notice in this world filled with lots of lies.

#2. If He Always Speaks The Truth.

In today's world, most men are convinced to believe that most ladies love hearing lies than they actually reveal who they truly are. 80% of men believed that whenever they intended to tell the truth about themselves they would end up being the loser.

In this case, if you ever find a man who in any way reveals who he is true to you or always tells you the truth, endeavour to keep him and never let such a man go because those kinds of men are rare on earth and hard to find.

#3. If He Always Checks Up On You.

In the world of today finding a man who will leave his work or sacrifice little of his time, it is the hard and the toughest thing to do for most men who are arrogant about themselves. Though being in a relationship, both partners deserve to check up on themselves every day.

If you are lucky enough to meet a man who always checks up on you, endeavour never to get tired of him. I know you will think he is disturbing you, always he is calling though there are some things both couples in a relationship needs to know about and some are:

Giving your partner enough time for them to rejuvenate over what's going on around them. Not every time we should also have them to be by our side or disturbing them with calls every second.

Though if you get to meet a man like this, talk to them and let them know that you need time don't allow your irritation about the calls to miss the opportunity to meet someone who truly loves you.

#4. If He Always Misses You.

If he misses you and finds all means to see you without you even asking him to come, despite how busy he would be all through those times he tends to miss you, Keep him because not every man would love to leave their jobs or businesses and go and look for some else.

#5. If He Is A Man With Dreams.

Some dreams take a long time for someone to achieve, some take a lifetime, some others don't even live to see their dreams come true, while some tend to take a little time before being achieved. 

Most ladies are afraid that whenever they tend to help a man who they love, the man ends up betraying them in one way or the other. Yeah, it's going to be true in some cases and also in some cases, it's not going to be true. People change due to time and the kind of people they have met during all those times.

It's never advisable for a lady to help her man out in other for him to achieve his dream in the short run, but it's advisable for ladies to stay and support their man to work on their dreams on the long run because even if it takes time to achieve his dreams, he will never forget you and you two will still be good forever.

#6. If He Is Humble.

Regardless of the amount of money he has or where he has been, if he is humble to others he will be humble to you. Most men have this thinking that every woman loves money and with money, they can date any woman without question.

But if he is humble, despite the money he has or the number of ladies following at his back he will always stay good for you. A man Who has the money to take care of his lady, and that is the only lady he has, should endeavour not to lose him because such men are rare in this world.

#7. If He Is Always There When You Need Him.

Like I do say earlier a man who misses you will endeavour by all means to meet you, but not everyone who came looking for you will always be there when you need them the most. Sometimes you might just need someone who you will likely want to take off your pains, a man who you will love to always be by your side whenever you are going through hard things in your life. 

That kind of men is hard to find in this small little and weird world, however, if you ever endeavour to meet anyone who always cares and be there for you don't try to leave them.

#8. If He Is A Man Who Respects Ladies.

Most men see ladies as an intuitive and enigma set of humans, and they also tend to hate a woman who bashes and does a set of disgusting things around them. But a man with full of respect will give her the respect she deserves because women are hard to be understood by men.

#9. If He Is A Great Listener And Understandable.

Someone who is a great listener will also be understandable. A man who will listen to your complaints and so on, and he is also able to understand you in any way possible, never allow such men to go because you won't be able to find a man who will be more understandable like him.

#10. If He Is Not That A Clean Freak.

It's good for everyone to be clean but being too clean to the extent he is obsessed with everything within you or with you to be perfect always and clean, such kind of men always tend to get curious over everything happening within them. if not perfect.

In conclusion, I hoped and prayed for you to meet your dream man, with the personalities mentioned above I hope you can get to know when you have met or meet them.

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